Die Casting Capabilities

Kawo is also a quality-driven die casting supplier with full compliance to TS16949 quality standards at all manufacturing locations. We provide the necessary technology, resources, and regional support to effectively service our worldwide client base.  Our die casting plant utilizes state-of-the-art energy efficient furnaces and employs both casting and secondary finishing capability to provide optimal product capability and performance.

Kawo offers both zinc and aluminum alloys, giving us the flexibility to assess the fit, form and function of the project application for optimum results.

Aluminum Die Castings

The high strength and lightweight properties of aluminum make aluminum die cast components effective for reducing mass and ideal for a wide range of product applications across multiple industries.

Zinc Die Castings

A wide variety of zinc alloys ensures each zinc die cast component is best suited to your particular application. A well engineered combination of material selection and enhanced design features also prolongs component life for zinc castings. 

Die Casting Parts

Kawo die casts a large variety of die casting parts for a broad range of industries, including:

    *Class A decorative castings

    *Mirror brackets and inner bases

    *Thin-wall electrical enclosures

    *Transmission/transaxle components

    *Engine Covers

    *NVH brackets

    *Electronic heat sinks and housings

    *Compressor/pump components

    *Power tool components

    *Medical and dental components

    *Seating frames and components

With over 5 years of experience, technical expertise and the best equipment, Kawo is ready to serve your needs.

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